Awareness of God's Presence

Why Is This Awareness Not Easy & Natural?

So, why is this awareness not easy and natural?

The Ego Perspective

We typically view the world from an ego perspective. It’s called “reality” because it’s observable and most people will agree with what is observed.

The perspective I am talking about when I say “Open Your Heart to The Divine” comes from a different perspective. I cannot say exactly what that perspective is, because it is beyond me and, I’m guessing, beyond you too. It is not a perspective that is about counting things or observing things; it is not the “reality” of everyday life; it is not about “matter.”

For lack of a better word it is about “spirit;” It is about the realm of “The Divine.” In English we call it “God.” Christians use the term “holy spirit.”

The Language of Ego Perspective

The language we use and through which we share every-day kinds of information works well for the Ego Perspective. It works really well for observable objects and actions and is what we have for communicating. It serves us well 99% of the time. It’s how we do science, business, educate, live every-day life, etc.

But, to communicate about things of the spirit, things of The Divine — that is something else.

It’s my hunch that our species — and for all I know, maybe other species too — can and do have a consciousness of The Divine. The world’s religions reflect this consciousness and many of us — maybe all of us, for all I know — have been or are touched by this consciousness in our lives.

And when we are so touched by this consciousness and are so made speechless by this consciousness that we can find only expression in silence, then we know the limits of every-day language and of every-day ways of knowing.

But, sometimes we try to communicate the ineffable anyway and we put down words on pages such as I am doing here and we hope that what we say has some hope of communicating what is basically beyond our ability to communicate with our words.

So, I come back, full circle, to you Dear Reader.

Open Your Heart to God, The Divine.

Treat the words you read here as sign posts, not ultimate truths.

Let YOUR heart guide you. Let YOUR mind guide you. But, in the end it will be YOUR heart that knows and experiences The Divine.

It is your experience that I urge you to seek, not the words of my experience. Only I can have my experience. Only you can have your experience.

To help you do this, you may know of a personal doorway to your heart that helps you move beyond the protective armament of everyday ego functioning. Loosen the grip of words and beliefs. Soften and open your heart to the present moment of Divine Presence.

I’m not saying that you change or reject your beliefs, whatever they are.

I am suggesting that you might move from your mind to your heart and let yourself surrender to The Divine Presence.


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